New Feature: Clipping

Coming on Monday, May 22, when we go live with the new editor , you will see a new editing block called “clipping.”

You will be able to clip individual blocks on a page and insert them into your own page. This allows you to publish content that belongs to someone else, and when they update it, the content updates on your page as well.


To start clipping start by adding the clipping block to the page where you want the content of another page.

Clipping icon

After adding the clipping block, begin clipping by clicking the begin clipping button.

Screenshot of clipping block

After clicking "Begin clipping" you will now be in clipping mode. You can navigate to the page with the content you want to clip by using the site's navigation or if you already know the URL you can enter the full URL.

screenshot of clipping mode

When you are on the page you clip by clicking the "clip part of this page" button to be able to select the blocks you want to clip from the page.

Screen shot of clipping content from a page

When you're done selecting blocks to clip, click the "clip page" button, and the clipped content will now be shown on your page.

screenshot of editor previewing the clipping

When you publish the page, the clipping will look like any other block on the page.

When you create a clipping, the original content blocks will display a scissors icon in the block toolbar, which is only seen when you're in the editor. The scissors icon is a quick way to see if this block is being used on another page.

Screenshot of the clipping icon in the block tool

If the owner of a clipped block tries to delete a block with the scissor icon, they will be shown what pages are using that block.

screenshot of editor letting you know your content is clipped

Technology Open Lab

We are demonstrating the new editor and clipping in the next Technology Open Lab this Friday, May 12 at both 10 and 11 a.m. in Heron Hall (18) room 104.