Groups in MyCSUMB Moving to Google+ Communities

When we launch the new on 2/9, Web Services will remove the majority of MyCSUMB groups from Dashboard.

Campus News & Events will move to being delivered as messages in blocks on the Dashboard, on the left.

Dashboard, with messages and events

Google+ Communities

With the rise and improvement of social applications in the last five years, the campus community is better served if we move the more active MyCSUMB groups to Google+ Communities.

Many existing groups and conversations have already moved off-campus to places like Facebook (see the CSUMB Social Media Directory).
These following groups have the most active since MyCSUMB launched in 2010, and each have a spot in Google+ Communities for continued conversation.
We will also provide a link on the Dashboard to CSUMB Social Media Directory, which will include the links above.

If there was a group that had infrequent activity that you'd like to retain, we suggest creating it in Google+ Communities. You can restrict it to only a few members, limit it to or open it to the general public.

We will keep MyCSUMB around until the end of February but at a new address. If there is a niche group you used that didn't grab our attention in usage data, we'll work with you and your group to explore other options for continuing your conversation.

UPDATE 2/9: With the loss of Staff & Faculty, we've created a Google+ Community called General News that's limited to addresses but open to all roles across campus.


  1. Has anyone created Staff & Faculty yet? I find it hard to believe that S&F has less activity than "For Sale" and "What's happening off-campus" since I'm in those as well.

    1. Unfortunately Google+ Communities doesn't allow you to limit access by role (e.g. staff, faculty or student). You are welcome to create that or any other community, but it would be disingenuous to suggest it's only for staff and faculty.

    2. And thus the creation as Staff/Faculty/Students.

  2. How do I get to Is it linked on my dashboard?

    1. We link from our Twitter account, our department page and the Rethink site.

      And there is a message in the upcoming Dashboard about this topic.


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