Editor upgrade to csumb.edu

On Monday, May 22, 2017, Web Services will improve its editor used to create content in csumb.edu.

example of content types to choose from
Screenshot of the new editor in csumb.edu

This will be the first significant improvement to the editor since we launched the last redesign in February 2015.

In addition, we will provide some significant updates to how we create and display key elements, including:
  • Improving how events get made, shared across campus, and displayed on the page.
  • Enabling the ability to "clip" content from one CSUMB site and used on another.
  • Improving how news is displayed on a page.
  • Introducing several new content blocks that will provide more functionality.

Test the new editor

You can test the new editor on a separate site with duplicated content. Our internal user experience team is testing as well and we encourage you to play with it until it breaks. Then tell us about it at webservices@csumb.edu

We will also hold presentations at upcoming Technology Open Labs starting May 5 and running through May 19. Each lab will hold a presentation at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. and will spend 10-15 minutes reviewing the features of the new editor. This is a perfect time for publishers to get familiar with the new editor and ask questions in person before it goes live.