CSUMB.EDU Content Audit

By now many of you (i.e. content managers) have seen the interface and message around reviewing your content ahead of CSUMB.EDU/rethink.

We are beginning of a year-long process by which you will answer the burning question posed by Senior Leadership: "How does the Web work at CSUMB?" (view our presentation to Cabinet)

At its core, the Web is a fantastic delivery method of information, be it informational, transactional or experiential. But much of our 11,500 public pages aren't being visited; only 10% are seeing measurable traffic. That means the rest are needlessly filling up search results and clogging up navigation choices.

Thus Senior Leadership has empowered Web Services to help collectively re-evaluate the purpose behind a department or service having its presence published via CSUMB.EDU.

Content Audit

We've come up with a way to qualitatively value each page and use those data to help us migrate content to the new CSUMB.EDU/rethink solution in Summer 2014.

We've built in the ability to review each page in your site, using a dialog box 

 Please review this content (screen)

When finished, the interface turns from pink to green, to indicate success.

Content reviewed (screen)

The next visit to the page, the dialog box shrinks.

Content reviewed (screen minimized)

And if you want to review your content in bulk, click on the "Review all content" link in the top right.

Review your content (screen)

Content Strategy

All this leads to a series of staff meetings Web Services will begin to have across campus that will help formulate your purpose of publishing content with the customer in mind.

We'd like to take this approach over a series of meetings:
  1. Staff Meeting - Kick off meeting to begin the discussion of your web presence.
  2. Baseline - Determine where you site is at before we start.
  3. Analytics - Use data to look at the visits to your site, where people went, how long did they stay, when did they leave, etc.
  4. Audit - Begin to review your content one page at a time.
  5. Plan - Establish strategic communications plan to help define your scope and impact.
  6. Migration - Position your site for moving content into the new CSUMB.EDU in Summer 2014.
Contact us at webfolk@csumb.edu to begin that discussion!


  1. Even if you have prepared a well content but still it's important to go for some content audit or a review to be sure about the quality of content as well as avoid any possible mistake.


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