Website typography

Last December, before the end of the semester, Web Services made a change to the body text used on We went from Merriweather 400 (normal weight) to Merriweather 300 (light weight).

We reduced the weight or thickness of the body text to improve readability. Reducing the weight of the body text creates a stronger visual hierarchy. It makes bolded text and headings stand out more and allows readers to easily scan and navigate the page.

passage of text with heavier font weight
BEFORE: Merriweather 400

lower font weight on the same passage
AFTER: Merriweather 300

This was a small, iterative step toward improving the usability of overall, but it involved a lot of internal testing as well as external. If you would like to be involved in future user testings, contact us as

We also recently evaluated the way we use color and made a few changes to improve the level of contrast in sections, buttons, and breadcrumbs. This makes the site more accessible as well as more usable.

Next steps are to evaluate headings and other elements in our style guide with the same eye for improving readability and making things more accessible.