Feedback on your web writing

We've rolled out a new feature that gives you instant feedback on the grade level of the writing on your web pages (using the Automated Readability Index). An eighth grade reading level is ideal for most audiences. Remember, people skim things on the web. Even if they have an advanced degree, they will benefit from simple, clear writing.
Grade 16 reading level example

Tips to make your site easier to read:

  • Use simple words with few syllables. 
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs (3-5 sentences per paragraph). 
  • Put the most important information first. 
  • Use headers and lists to keep things from getting too dense.
Grade 4 reading level example

Experts agree:

We based our own best practice guidelines on sources such as:

A fun way to write simpler, clearer copy:

Writing simple and clear copy can become a fun game! Paste your text in to Hemingway App, then challenge yourself to get rid of all the red and yellow highlights!