Anything wrong with this page?

New form collects feedback

Web Services just implemented a new feature on the site. Logged in users will see a link at the bottom of every page that says, "Is there anything wrong with this page?"

When a user clicks this link, it will open a simple feedback form. The form looks like this:

The user can then let you know the problem they encountered. Maybe it was a broken link. Maybe a typo. Maybe they didn't find the information they expected to. This feedback will help you keep your site in top shape. It also can help you understand what your users need and expect.

Sometimes you might get questions that seem beyond the scope of a simple website fix. This feedback can still help you determine new content you might need to publish, or identify changes you need to make to navigation, content, or page layout so that users can find the information they are looking for.

Email notification

When a user submits the feedback form, the last person who edited the webpage will get an email notification. Web Services also receives an email, and we view the queue of feedback daily.

Info pages

You can also view feedback while editing the site. From the blue gear dropdown, select "Page info."

This will show you all the revisions of the page, who authored them, and any feedback a certain revision received.

Click on the blue button in the Feedback column to see what people said.

What's next

If the feedback form is successful with logged in users, we will make it available to anyone who visits our site later in the fall.

Contact us

Let us know if you have questions about the form or how to respond to feedback you get. We're always happy to help.