Book Club: Managing Chaos

We are deep into the chapters of Managing Chaos by Lisa Welchman.

Call it "rethinking" how we make content on the Web, but much of the text is very familiar to many of us with a decade or two of experience in digital.

Fortunately we've never had an "IT vs. Marketing" battle at our campus, but that's a typical scenario in business and high education, according to Welchman.

IT has always been centralized at CSUMB, and so has Marketing. That's benefited our campus since its start in 1994. It makes us cringe when we hear about decentralized campuses where there's a web services group in every college or department, along with their own IT and Marketing staff.

Early on we convinced Marketing that the Web was just another publication that needed to be included in a unified message within an overall plan, and that's served us well in the recent past.

But according to the author, our campus would still be considered "immature" with regard to our digital governance. A lot of our best practices and operations are hard wired in employees with lots of institutional knowledge in their brains. And that could walk at any time.

This book was published the same month we went live with Rethink. Now we're on track to create a digitial governance policy and greatly improve how and why we use digital to market our brand at CSUMB. Perfect timing!