New features!

Since launch, we've been gathering feedback from end users and site administrators about what else they need from the site, and what would just be nice to have. We've also crossed off a few items on our own to-do list that didn't quite get done before February 9.

What's new

Preview before publish

We just rolled out a new feature that allows editors to preview their page before they save/publish it. You can check out both a desktop and mobile version of your page.

Directory improvements

Before I tell you about changes to the directory - have you checked your profile information? If not, please stop reading this blog and go take care of that. You can make some changes yourself by selecting Basic information from the Update profile dropdown. If your name, title or department is incorrect, contact the Web Help Desk at 582-HELP or submit a ticket.

Ok, on to directory improvements. We added reverse look up of phone numbers, so when your phone starts to ring you can look up the number and see who's calling you. Manual Caller ID.

Directory now supports additional characters, such as accent marks and apostrophes.

We've linked sub-departments with their parent departments, so you can see a list of departments within a division.

We've added "View Staff" links to department listings, and to the contact info boxes on department homepages.

When listing people on a page, you can now select a short directory option, which displays less information by default for a cleaner staff listing look.

A person content block with the full profile view.

A person content block with a short profile view.

Embedded Google Calendars

You now have a choice between, Month, Week and Agenda view and Calendar view when embedding a google calendar. 

An agenda view of the google calendar.

Documents open in new tabs/windows

Now document download links automatically open in new tabs or windows.


No more having to put a bunch of hyphens in a row. You can make a horizontal line to break up sections of your content.

Asymmetrical column layouts

You can now have one narrow column and one wide column. Or a wide column and a narrow column.
A wide column and narrow column
A narrow column and a wide column

What's next

You can keep track of new features as they are proposed and as we work on them on our Trello Board.  


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