Best practices: Sections

Another new feature on the site is a content block called a section. This allows you to break up your page by changing the background color on part of it.

Here's an example:

When sections work best

Sections are awesome when you are changing gears on a homepage - in this example we move from an intro section into an area of alumni news. The section calls attention to the content inside it and groups the three news items together.

Sections should be used sparingly, and only when the content inside them deserves to be highlighted.

When sections don't work

Sections look their best when they are below any right side navigation - this allows them to extend the full width of the window. Being next to right nav items really cramps their style. 

Sections and collapsed headings don't go together. A section cries "Look at me!" A collapsed heading says "Only open me if you need to."

Sections that are too narrow can look more like a stripe than a section. Sections should have heft and gravitas.

Too many sections in a row look stripey. Stripes are great on sweaters, but not on our website.

In conclusion, if you have content you really want to highlight, use a section. But use them sparingly and only with your best content.