Soft Launch of Rethought

Today we reveal our year-long efforts to upgrade and redesign the CSUMB web site.

We've spent 2014 "rethinking" how we use the Web at CSUMB, which doesn't end with this effort. Nevertheless, we've sarcastically called the server "rethought." It's where we've built up a new server architecture and migrated content.

Rethought is where we've been implementing our new design since last summer and working with departments to migrate their content from Charlotte last fall. But this is the first time we've let the rest of the campus see what it would look like at their desk or more importantly on their phones.

Why A Soft Launch?

Too many times a big technology company makes a change for no apparent reason to its customer base (e.g. Facebook). The reality is that base is an important part of the usability of the site, and we think you should be able to contribute before there's a big change.

So for the next month prior to launching on Monday, February 9, we're opening things up for feedback, because that's the basis for usability testing. A lot of it will be qualitative, just as it has been throughout 2014 when we tested a lot of navigation concepts and design layouts. But keep in mind we're not done migrating some of the bigger sites, so come content may not be there yet.

We want you to play with it until it breaks, especially on mobile. Every page is designed to appear "correctly" in a smartphone or tablet, from the content up to the overall design. It's a huge benefit to be able to say the site is already "mobile friendly," thus preventing us from having to create a second site or skimp on design somewhere else.

What Can I Do To Help?

Send us any feedback you have.

Visit us in a Technology Open Lab or when we pop up in places like the Dining Commons or the Student Center. We'll ask you a few simple things to do on the site and take that feedback back to the office where we can prioritize any changes with respect to the launch on 2/9.

And we'll be writing about Dashboard (formerly MyCSUMB Dashboard), Groups and Directory (formerly A to Z Directory) in upcoming blog posts.


  1. Does this mean if you are a student applying for Fall 2015, you cannot access the website until February 9th? I tried to log in per an email I was sent from CSUMB, but got a pop up saying, access denied at this time.

    Thank you,


    1. You should still be able to access your application in through 2/8. Then on 2/9 we'll redirect everyone over to where you will find your Dashboard and your application. We probably didn't have your account on but I have added it. Try again and let us know what you think!


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