Cal State S4

For the last four years, Web Services has been working with the Cal State Chancellor's Office to improve Cal State S4.

We originally developed the web application for our campus to improve the efficiency of Service Learning placements. Judy Botelho at the Center for Community Engagement at the Chancellor's Office discovered our work, and we now serve 16 of the Cal State campuses, four of which are using the software in production thanks to program coordinator, Traci Reid.

Web Services met in Long Beach this week to discuss the next step: How to make this a systemwide initiative and relieve Web Services from most of the operational work.

It will take a few more meetings but overall there was a palpable feeling that our work, which was developed by Kevin Miller and continues to be developed by Brianna Wagner, was done with uncommon foresight and commitment.


At its heart, Cal State S4 is about data collection: Where is a student when they are off-campus working with a community partner as part of a campus' academic program?

From a risk perspective, that's valuable information in case of a crisis. From a program perspective, it's validation of hard work.

From an academic perspective, it could also lead to important analysis of these "high impact practices," especially as they relate to graduate rates and employment.

Our campus is proud to have provided such a valuable tool, and we will continue to provide consultative support to the Chancellor's Office. But ultimately, we want to see Cal State S4 succeed because we use it at our campus as well.