Nearing the End of Content Migration

We've made huge advances working with numerous departments across campus to help auditing and migrating their content. To date we have migrated 88 out of 110 sites.

Look for specialized reviews of migrated sites in upcoming Technology Open Labs (Mondays 2-4 p.m. in MLC 106). We'll review the migrated Catalog on December 1 and a few academic sites on December 8.

We're still working towards a December 19 launch but will defer to January 5-9 if necessary but well before the spring semester starts on January 20.

What's Next?

The Rethink upgrade combines four sites into one: public, MyCSUMB, Catalog and A to Z Directory. Here's a review of what to expect in the new website.


The homepage will change in design to emphasize an awareness of the university for a first time user. It will include areas that can detail statistics, call-to-action and news.

screenshot of the CSUMB homepage

We've built a new editor to create structured content, meaning it's easier to make headlines, paragraphs, lists, etc. Although Web Services has been using the new editor internally for sometime, we've also been user testing it and fixing what we don't like (i.e. dogfooding).

We've also made a lot of progress in the functionality as well as the interface, and that means we've begun to let a number of publishers into to their migrated sites and play around with their content.
Below is a screenshot of a department home page.

screenshot of a department page

Below is a screenshot of a news page.

screenshot of a news page


To access your dashboard, you'll visit and click on Login. This will replace having to go to a separate website to access CMS Student/HR, email, Ottercard balances, etc.

screenshot of Dashboard

Groups will move to Facebook, Google Groups or Community in Google+. In 2009 they were intended to replace the FirstClass conferences, but campus adoption was very poor and mostly moved to Facebook or other off-campus resources. Campus News & Events and Staff & Faculty will be retained. Based on feedback and analytics, we'll continue to link to the most prominent groups used today (see Useful Groups below).

Useful groups in MyCSUMB


We presented the migrated pages in Catalog to the campus Catalog Committee, which includes curricular and co-curricular bodies on campus. The feedback was positive, especially with the ability to re-use catalog content on academic department sites.

Specifically, an academic department could include and display their major learning outcomes but not be responsible for maintaining them on their site. Previously those publishers were copying that content and letting it get old, which would confuse students and faculty when compared to the official Catalog site.

screenshot of a Catalog page


Departments will be the repository of employee data that originates from CMS Student/HR but is added to by employees or on their behalf by those who can publish pages for that department.

Every employee starts with a name, title and department but can add phone, fax, building, room, bio, photo, link to website and office hours. That information automatically goes away when the employee ends their employment with the university.

screenshot of a faculty listing on a department site