Moving Towards Launch

As we begin our new semester and move towards a December launch, we're thinking about a number of things related to CSUMB.EDU Rethink, including:
  • Launch on Friday, December 19, 2014.
  • Continue to audit and migrate content
  • MyCSUMB becomes just Dashboard
  • Groups move to Google Groups


In general, we like to launch large systems in the least disruptive way. Usually this is when we are between semesters or after high-use times, such as registration or end-of-semester.

For Rethink, we will work towards a launch by close-of-business on Friday, December 19, 2014. This is at the end of the final exam period as well as the capstone festival.

If we need the time, we will move a launch date into early January but well before the first day of instruction on January 20.

Content Audit

We are in the midst of an "all-hands" review and migrating of content, starting with the Catalog, followed by academic sites (which will re-use Catalog content) and then non-academic websites. Web Services has hired two student assistants to help out (Nelly Peters-Campbell and Danielle Johnson).

If you haven't already met with our User Experience Specialist, Liz MacDonald (and many of you have!), let's at least review the existing content on your site and begin your migration of content.


In the new website, we are preparing to present you a "Dashboard" when you login from CSUMB.EDU. This will include the specific messages applicants and student receive, such as checklist and holds, but will include events that are specific to students versus employees.

You will continue to see blocks of data, like OtterCard balance and Print Balance.

And except for links highest trafficked examples (e.g. iLearn, CMS, MyHousing), most links will move to the department or service point where they can provide much better context and get more use. You can bookmark your most used links to the dashboard as well.


Most groups in MyCSUMB are rarely trafficked, so we won't continue to compete with other popular alternatives (e.g. Facebook). For internal groups, we are looking at either Google Groups or Communities in Google+, both of which can be used for external needs as well.

Campus News & Events will become just a messaging system in Dashboard and will continue to be the source of official announcements.

Staff & Faculty will move to being messages seen in the Dashboard of someone with the employee role.

We will still have the ability to message per a list of OtterIDs, which has been very useful for surveying students or communication to specific majors.