Style Guide & Final Style Tile

In our product demo for the end of our third sprint using Agile, Four Kitchens delivered the start of a style guide for our new website design, which we will be adding to as elements.
They also provided the final style tile (i.e. font, colors, layout) that will inform our official template. See the tile below and view the previous work.

Both of these will be used when we build pages later this summer.

Go Live

We also moved back our production "go live" date to September 15, 2014. This puts us after Add/Drop on September 8 and before applications open on October 1. It also gives us a month after the Fall semester starts to get ready for the improvements to CSUMB.EDU.

We would still like to start the content migration on July 1, so review our overall plan for your department/service to get ready.

Final Style Tile

Final style tile for CSUMB.EDU