Every .edu domain in the world!

Sometimes when you want to see what other universities are doing, you do some Googling to look at places around your campus. But a few months ago we wanted to know how many people called their internal website "My Something" or if they used the old monikers "intranet" or the dreaded "portal." How do you get a list of every .edu domain so you can find every university on the planet?

The answer is you write a script, run it every day, and post the resulting list of every .edu domain in the world to GitHub. We check every day for changes, and plan on building more tools to compare campus websites on machine-readable things like color, technology used to make the site, or the presence of pictures of girls studying in the grass under a tree.

Oh, and the numbers for the name of campus internal sites breaks down like this: My Something - 44%, Intranet - 12%, Portal - 24%. Some campuses didn't have an internal site at all.