User Experience and more!

With the arrival of our new User Experience Specialist, Liz MacDonald, we are reviving this blog (and not just because she has an MFA!).

We've got lots of things going on since we last posted:
  • We launched Cal State S4, a cloud-based web application to track internships, community service and fields trips in the Cal State system.
  • We're preparing for a refresh of the technology behind CSUMB.EDU, MyCSUMB, Catalog and Schedule. Hint: We're combining them into one, and making it mobile-friendly!
  • We're working to move sites associated with Extended Education, International Programs, Study Abroad and the Division of Science & Environmental Policy over to our Charlotte content management system.
  • We are continuing the development and support of accessibility tools for any web application. Our Quail Accessibility Information Project is being used to support text editors in Moodle in the CSU, and we are now using Quail to test Drupal 8
Our next post will go into more detail regarding our upgrade to Open Atrium v2 for our internal portal, MyCSUMB.